Saturday, July 3, 2010


This loft is my husband and my dream loft. The concept is industrial bohemian chic, with lots of contemporary art and mismatched furniture. I love how this loft in the picture above has open air garden atrium in the center. If I could knock a big hole through my loft and build one in, I would! Usually I'm more drawn towards modern design but lately I've been mixing in pieces that have more a eclectic and vintage feel to them. I don't know which piece I love the most in this design. Andy Warhol's brillo pad box and Dali's lobster telephone are two of my favourite works of contemporary art, and I love how fun and playful they are. I can only dream about ever owning art as expensive as this, (if you even could!). The over sized black chair is by Marcel Wanders for Moooi, and the I love texture of the natural wood in this chandelier . Ok, I'm ready to move into it now!

My friend Bobbie just got his first "grown up" apartment, so he wanted something comfy and masculine. We came up with a great concept, a little bit country for that cozy, relaxed feel, but mixed with more contemporary pieces. I love how the lime green pops against the grey and the texture of the knitted wool floor pillows. The wall with the frames is an easy and cheap way to dress a plain wall- just find any old photo frame and paint them the colour you want.

Coraly's space is my newest project and I'm loving what we came up with. Tranquil aqua, the colour of calm, with a dark taupe is what we went for in the bedroom. Cor's a busy Mum so I wanted her to have a space that just made her feel serene and relaxed, and the aqua looks so great against the warm taupe. The pop of a single zebra pillow is fun and flirty, and I always love those accent pieces that are the odd man out in a room.

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